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We have a range of different activity tour packages and tailor an event according to your preferences. Ourguides invite you to our safe and environemental friendly activities in the Kyrgyzstan and Tadzhikistan nature and the nearby villages…

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One of the best-loved Osh city guesthouses, “Biy-Ordo” Guest House is recognized as one of the high rated by tourists and leading guesthouses with gracious hospitality and friendly staff.


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By far the nicest place I’ve stayed in months — clean, roomy, A/C and washroom in each dorm, good wifi, great access to local transport, and excellent value. The staff speak English, provide free maps, and can provide lots of information for Osh and Kyrgyzstan in general. Munar, the manager, also runs tours, and I took his first “test tour” to Tajikistan’s Pamir Highway and Wakhan Valley and had a splendid time. Despite being a first-time run, we were comfortable in his 4×4, the route was flexible based on time, he cared for all of our needs, and was excellent…

Sulaiman Too
Looming above Osh, Sulaiman mountain is the most complete and intact example of a Central Asian Sacred Mountain.  The Prophet Mohammed is said to have prayed here, and it has been place of Islamic pilgrimage
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