Sulaiman Too

Looming above Osh, Sulaiman mountain is the most complete and intact example of a Central Asian Sacred Mountain.  The Prophet Mohammed is said to have prayed here, and it has been place of Islamic pilgrimage ever since.  Even before that, Sulaiman-Too was important to other local, non-Islamic religions, as numerous pteroglyphs mark the cave-shrines that dot the mountain.  Many of these caves are reputed to have miraculous powers, such as the fertility cave Ene-Beshik, which is located not far to the west of the cave museum.  Sulaiman-Too is Kyrgyzstan’s only UNESCO World Heritage site.  Visiting here is a great way to look at the area’s multi-religious history, as well as get your divine mojo powered up.


“It is thought to be holy due to the jaunt that Solomon, back in his day, took up the side of it. To get up, it’s about a 20-minute walk, straight up, no shade, and when you get up to the top you have a practical 360 view of Osh and the area. I climbed Suleiman the day after I first arrived in Osh. In the middle of June. At 11:45am. It was a million degrees and there was not a cloud in the sky. I almost died. Have not been up since, but I figure with people coming to visit pretty regular I’ll be made to climb it more than enough times eventually.  But to get an effect, here is a video I took from the top on a gorgeous summer day….” -Emily K (See Her Travel blog)

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